Turnkey Indoor with License $4200 per month

Get started today with this fully turn key indoor facility! Building and licensing an indoor grow can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in building expenses, license transfer, and permits. It can take a year or more before the first plant is in the ground.

The building is 2,495 square feet. The lease includes an active OLCC license in good standing. There is room to more than double flowering space.  It is located 8 minutes outside of Estacada and less than an hour from Portland.

With UV lights in the air conditioners, proper dehumidification, and excellent airflow our product always passes Aspergillus testing.

The flower space space is 526 square feet. It can produce up to 300 pounds a year in it’s current configuration. It is equipped with fifteen 1150 watt Gavitas, two 5 ton HVAC units, and two 400 pint a day dehumidifiers. It includes a light raising system, moving tables, and a customizable irrigation system. You are welcome to bring your own lights. There are currently some great government programs to upgrade to LED lights at a steep discount.

The veg and mom space is 290 square feet. It is equipped with twelve 315 watt LEC Boss lights, a 3 ton HVAC unit and a 150 pint a day dehumidifier. This space could be easily converted to a flower space. 

The drying/storage/trimming space is 234 square feet and fully climate controlled with HVAC, heat, and humidity control. 

The storage and workshop areas have plenty of space for equipment, de-leafing, and projects.

The second floor has a 290 square feet of unfinished flex space that can be used as storage or could be finished to suit for additional flower/veg space or an extraction lab. 

This rental includes:

  • an OLCC producer license,
  • security system,
  • grow room monitoring system,
  • and everything you need to grow from pots, saucers, scissors, trimming supplies, soil and cannabis totes, harvesting equipment, for trade scales, etc.

We are in the process of finishing our micro tier solvent-less extract approval so you can make better use of your trim and B buds.

$4,200 per month ($1.68/sqft) plus deposit.

Commercial rental insurance required.

Lease length negotiable.

House rental is available on the property for additional cost. The house a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath. It has brand new wood floors and has been recently remodeled.