The Grow

In the center of the property, grow has complete privacy from the road and views are spectacular.

The grow was built with a focus on efficiency and a plan to expand to a full Tier-2 operation. The template is there and local suppliers are identified. You can easily run this as a family farm or grow it into a full Tier-2 operation on the county approved flat space to the West.

The license is available at market rate or bring your own! Seller financing is an option for qualified buyers with a significant down payment. Seller consultation for a smooth transition is part of the package. Move in, start growing right away and make the processes yours.

Words can’t describe the sunsets you’ll see from your new workspace.

The 30′ x 96′ extra tall engineered greenhouse has room for any size of plants while still maintaining proper airflow. The greenhouse has an internal automated light deprivation curtain allowing up to three crops per year.

The internal greenhouse protects the mobile curtain and affords the option to easily convert this greenhouse into an indoor year round building with 2′ of air space between for insulation. A top of the line L.B. White external propane heater is available to increase the output of the first and last crop or speed along a conversion of this greenhouse to an indoor space.

The greenhouse has an easy to maintain automated irrigation system, temperature controlled outtake fans, and circulation fans that move air in all corners of the greenhouse. The greenhouse has it’s own breaker box coming from a commercial meter.

The licensed grow area has space for two more 30′ X 96′ greenhouse that is currently used for vegging and outdoor growing. It has one insulated shipping container with automated heat and humidity outtake for clones, drying, storage and security. Also included is a 5000 gallon approved water collection system and all the equipment needed to run the business (pots, clippers, hoses, custom mix organic water only soil, storage totes etc.)